//Your Power Is Your Audience!

Your Power Is Your Audience!

“What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind.”

Wendell Phillips

Lenticular printing effects are highly attractive

Lenticular prints and effects.

3D lenticular printing has often been spoken of as the evolution of simple holographic images. However, this process has evolved in complexity and sophistication. Today, it is used to produce images that suggest movement, animation, and progressive visual effects for print media.

Hologram and lenticular printing have been around for over half a century. The availability of better optical film, reliable imaging and technologies enhanced this process. It involves taking images, that are identical in size and pixilation, and creating a composite image by interlacing them together. The files are then given the visual impression of animation by the use of a special lens or film that is placed on the interlaced images.

This technology has broken out of the commercial uses in advertising and expensive offline campaigns. It is accessible to hobbyists, amateur photographers and visual artists. In part, this is because of the increased affordability, accessibility of materials, improved software and hardware capabilities. However, the most important factor has been the movement away from mass-customized printing to being able to customize to individual requirements.

The Attraction of Lenticular Prints

Nostalgia for vintage holographic printed materials plays a small part in driving the demand for lenticular prints. However, individuals and companies look to feature and attract with 3D postcards. They are realistic and leave a powerful visual image with potential customers. While a dual-image hologram is still impressive, lenticular print technology supports up to 15 images, allowing you to create animated images that have a significant degree of movement.

For a fraction of the cost of creating a computer-generated animation film, this process can be used to attract customers by depicting realistic movement and several visual effects such as a change in appearance or location.

As this technology gains popularity and becomes more affordable, businesses are beginning to use the medium to leave a lasting impression of their personal or corporate brand on customers.