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 Lenticular Printing


  • This technology can enhance the beauty and effectiveness of your work.

  • Heighten the impact of photographs, graphic design and all types of advertising images—bringing the formerly static printed image closer to the motion we see in everyday life.

  • Dramatically heightening the depth, color and overall sharpness of the images we see.

Options limited only by imagination.

The latest three-dimensional printing techniques turn murals, billboards, city lights, promotional stands, posters, trade show signs and other large-format printing that are already imposing into spectacular, head-turning conversation pieces that people will discuss and remember for weeks to come, all thanks to Optigraphics’ technological advances. OptiGraphics also offers a number of unusual products that incorporate the latest techniques — items like floor stickers, shelf liners and lamps! See the example to right of a large-format lenticular piece.
With our vast experience in all aspects of the printing industry, OptiGraphics’ friendly staff can gently guide you through the process of choosing between an array of printing options. We’ll share our experience – and the wisdom gained from working with thousands of clients over the years – to help you decide which 3D option is right for you. For many businesses, we’ve found that Holographic Promotional Displays offer a powerful, cost-effective option.
We can create eye-catching, promotional displays that will make customers stop and take a second look before completing their purchases, plus window displays that convert casual window shoppers into motivated buyers.
Lenticular point of purchase displays are an ideal solution. With animation and three-dimensional imagery, the eye of the consumer is automatically drawn to your product.
Professionally executed POP print jobs literally add dimension and movement. Standing out from the shelf is well worth the effort, because these moments are when customers make many of their most impulsive, high-margin purchases. So investing in the latest technology to create amazing signage, packaging or other methods of print-based advertising is a must.

Break through the clutter with Lenticular Printing.
Lenticular printing has a great impact on direct mail campaigns, see how in the case study below.

No job is too big, or too small.

Learn how lenticular can add sizzle to your campaigns without exceeding your budget. We can help you create distinctive signs, puzzles, cards, flyers, cups, business cards, posters, postcards, as well as in-pack and on-pack promotions.

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