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What We Do

Optigraphics’ advanced, interlacing expertise and state-of-the-art printing capabilities allow us to offer turnkey production services on a wide range of lenticular products.

No other lenticular manufacturer can match Optigraphics’ broad range of products and services at such competitive prices. Check out our product list and learn about how using lenticular technology can add dynamic dimensions to mundane point-of-purchase and promotional marketing materials.

Optigraphics has dominated the lenticular printing industry since its creation. We lead the way in three-dimensional printing and we have earned a stellar reputation for innovation and technical leadership. Optigraphics sets the standard for dimensional and special effects imaging and printing.

Optigraphics’ wide range of lenticular technologies includes Opti-Multiphase, Opti-Morph, Opti-Zoom, Opti-2 Phase and Opti-3D. Our high-volume and low-cost manufacturing process allows us to deliver high-quantity and high-quality orders in a timely manner.

Years of Experience
Trusted Clients
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Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.


The full-service printing services pioneered by Optigraphics include conventional and UV printing, prepress services and finishing services. We also have an in-house staff of lenticular experts to help you produce your very best images. Our expertise also extends into research and development, where Optigraphics is leading the industry in developing new imaging techniques. Our innovators are constantly working to perfect and improve the down-line finishing of our products.

Since 1970, Optigraphics has been the world’s leading lenticular company, setting the standards for all special-effects printing from 3D to full-motion animation. Optigraphics became part of the Performance Printing family in early 1999.

The Best People Doing the Finest Work

“What a pleasure it was to work with Optigraphics. These people are pros and have been doing it for so long that they know all the pitfalls and how to avoid them.”

Bob Alden, Ray Press

“Some of the most amazing 3D I have ever seen”

Abe Rezny, 3D Design

“Optigraphics is simply the best!”

Adrianne O’Neil, Promo Shop LA