These Days Standing Out More Important Than Being Better

“Seeing yourself in print is such an amazing concept: you can get so much attention without having to actually show up somewhere … You don’t have to dress up, for instance, and you can’t hear them boo you right away.” Anne Lamott

For anyone who has ever seen holographic printing, there is no doubt that it grabs attention. This makes it perfect for promotions, which are designed specifically to attract attention.

Traditional promotional materials only use pictures and text. They’re easy to overlook, easy to forget, and easy to toss in the garbage can.

Print Advertising That Sells

Lenticular 3D printing helps create attractive printsLenticular 3D printing, however, doesn’t just tell the story. It illustrates the story in an unforgettable way. Not only does it grab attention, it gives people something to talk about.

This isn’t really a new technology. It has been in use for more than two decades. It is known primarily for its use in novelty postcards and children’s books. However, it is a new trend in print advertising, promotional materials, billboards and posters.

There is more competition than ever before for what people are looking at, especially in outdoor advertising. Capturing people’s attention requires innovation and creativity. Holographic print offers the proven ability to build brand and increase sales.

Giant Companies Utilize Lenticular Printing

Companies such as American Express and British Gas have embraced this method. They understand that traditional print quickly fades from the memory. Promotional materials with holographic effects are much more likely to be kept and shared than traditionally printed ads.

International corporations like Coca-Cola and Wrigley have also found holographic printing to be an effective part of their marketing campaigns. These companies use 3D printed promotional pieces to tell potential customers about a product, or let them know about new features. The ads get buyers’ attention at the right time. This often leads them to buy from these companies instead of their competitors.

Understanding The Process

This print process is done by interlacing separate images together. The end result gives a different viewpoint when viewed from different angles. It can be used to show cause and effect, simple animation, or many other visual effects. Lenticular printing can even offer different messages to different groups. This can include children and adults, or train passengers going east versus those going west.

With this, companies can achieve movie-like animation in a space where electronic media isn’t possible. There are also a number of other ways the printing method can be used. These include a 3D look, zoom effect, and a flip effect with up to three different views.

Standing out in the sea of traditional print isn’t difficult when one ad appears to be animated. A moving image placed among a group of flat images will always catch the eye before any of the still advertisements.