//Optigraphics Wins 2014 Gold For Advancements In Lenticular Printing

Optigraphics Wins 2014 Gold For Advancements In Lenticular Printing

Advancements in Lenticular Printing Award

We are overjoyed to note that Optigraphics wins gold for advancements in Lenticular Printing – 2014. This award, which is given by the prestigious Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) recognizes the company’s innovation in the realms of lenticular and holographic printing, namely the company’s ability to create 3D printed materials designed to hold a person’s attention longer than traditional printed materials.

Optigraphics has been a leading print company for well over four decades. While the company offers a wide range of print job options, it specializes in cutting edge technology and innovations that have the potential to change print advertising as we know it.

Innovative Print Process

Its patented RevealSeries printing process is designed to engage all five senses; this means that a person who comes across your advertisement will not only see it but feel it, taste it and smell it. The full engagement means that what you have to say will not be soon forgotten.

The company’s OptiChrome process has also earned praise; this unique form of printing uses metallic printing technology to literally highlight a picture, key sentence or paragraph, making it easy for a company to get its point across to potential customers.

For these innovations and more, Optigraphics has won recognition from industry experts, delighted customers and innovators alike. We clearly take pride in our work of helping to not only publish a wide range of printed material but also find ways to print items better and more effectively. At the same time, we do everything possible to ensure that our innovative print technology is made available to a wide audience by keeping costs as low as possible.

If you would like to find out more about us, what we do now and what we can do for you in the future, visit our lenticular printing page to see why Optigraphics continuously raises the bar. We look forward to working with you!