//Need More Impact?

Need More Impact?

“If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody,
there would be very little printed.
Benjamin Franklin

Lenticular printing attracts more audienceCapture the Viewer’s Emotions

Three-dimensional print often leads to beautiful effects that capture the eyes of viewers. The artistic results generated by lenticular printing are close equivalents to the finest types of artwork. Using a pitch test guarantees perfect alignment leading to ideal 3D effects.

Create Artistic Prints

When engaged in 3D printing, it is important to use the right specs. Proper specs contribute to quality three-dimensional effects. From working with stereo pairs to creating stunning three-dimensional print effects and optimum picture resolutions, lenticular prints open up new and exciting avenues.

Simple Animation Effects

Most people appreciate artistic animation effects. Creating a simple flip effect is easy. The flip involves combining two or three images so that viewers see them as separate images when the lenticular lens is moved. The stunning effect of this simple process has powerful emotional appeal.

Lenticular Effects in Three-Dimensional Print

When the brain does a brief comparison study of variant views as visualized in the right and left eye, the person sees an image bearing a three-dimensional effect. The popularity of three-dimensional animated films merits paying attention to this type of print technology.

Lenticular Comic Book Covers

The world of comic book covers is enhanced with three-dimensional effects that move. A slight movement of the comic book generates motion. Of course, any comic book collector is more likely to buy a comic book that suggests the action of the characters by simply looking at a cover that moves.

The world of effects generated by three-dimensional print has many possibilities. Incorporating vivid colors with lenticular effects leads to promising and eye-pleasing effects.