//Lenticular for All Types of Businesses

Lenticular for All Types of Businesses

Amazing Print Technology Can Be Used In All Industries

OptiGraphics has dominated the printing industry for decades, always leading the way in developing new technologies in the lenticular/3D printing field. As groundbreakers in our industry, we have earned a stellar reputation for innovation and technical leadership.

OptiGraphics does more than develop cool technology, we create marketing solutions. We use the term solutions because our advanced printing technology meets needs and solves marketing problems for clients in highly competitive industries.

We set the standard for dimensional and special effects imaging and printing for a wide range of high-profile industries including

  • Airlines,

  • Amusement Parks,

  • Automobile Companies,

  • Banks,

  • Beer Companies,

  • Cruise Lines,

  • Energy Drink Companies,

  • Grocery Stores,

  • Hotels & Resorts,

  • Liquor Companies,

  • Medical Device Manufacturers,

  • Mobile Phone Companies


and Movie Promotional Products.

In highly competitive fields like the drug/pharmaceutical industry, the market is flooded with more than $50 billion in advertising each year, and this deluge of marketing pieces makes standing out an even greater challenge.

With all those billions directed at marketing in individual industries, it’s a major challenge to create campaigns that stand out. We do that by working with companies of many sizes. OptiGraphics 3D/Lenticular printing solutions work just as well for companies big and small.

We apply our four decades of industry-leading printing technology to create eyecatching printing technologies like LightReveal®, ThermoReveal®, ScratchReveal™ and others that help us offer distinctive solutions for dozens of additional industries including quick serve restaurants, rental car companies, restaurant marketing items, restaurant promotional products, snack food promos, soft drink companies, sporting event promotional items, toy companies, TV show promos and video game promotional products.

Whatever your industry, OptiGraphics’ innovative printing and design options help you create memorable promotional products that will boost your marketing efforts in today’s competitive marketplace. Call (800) 727-7335 to speak with our educated customer service personnel today.

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