//Keeping Print Media Alive

Keeping Print Media Alive

“What these critics forget is that printing presses in themselves provide no guarantee of an enlightened outcome. People, not machines, made the Renaissance.

What is important about printing presses is not the mechanism, but the authors.”
Jaron Lanier

Kodak restructures its business to concentrate on lenticular

Kodak restructures its business to concentrate on lenticular

With many changes in the photo and print industry, Kodak has recently shifted its focus to include lenticular printing. As times and marketing venues change, companies and advertisements must change with it. Kodak is cashing in on this opportunity by developing new technologies.

This opportunity has opened up many doors for Kodak three-dimensional printing. Using its Flexcel NX system, Kodak can now drive the awareness and recognition of products in many different industries. This refers to health and beauty, toys, pharmaceuticals, household and office products, consumer electronics, sporting goods, pet products, automotive, games, food and beverages.

Kodak Brings Back Print Advertising

Offline marketing and advertising have decreased with the onset of digital opportunities. The industry is going through many changes. The good news is that with these changes come new opportunities. Kodak is helping to bring back the use of print for advertising and other means.

Lenticular images are visually stimulating and interesting. They make images pop off the page and command the attention of the viewer. These images are similar to holographic images. They can show depth and even give the illusion of movement.

This process is increasing the importance of print in the marketing and advertising sector. Kodak aims to keep this industry alive with its use of 3D. The company concentrates on 3D lenticular printing, thus highlighting the effectiveness and importance of this process. By providing customers with this new and innovative option, Kodak not only furthers its customers and their industries, but also the print industry in general.