//If You’re Using Postcards In Your Marketing, Consider This

If You’re Using Postcards In Your Marketing, Consider This

“The negative is comparable to the composer’s score, and the print to its performance.”

Ansel Adams

Lenticular postcards attract more audience

Lenticular postcards are all the rage.

Lenticular postcards use a special printing technique to create a 3D image. The image may be fixed or it may appear to move when viewed from different angles. This technique is often used on prizes offered in snack bags, but it also makes for some very interesting three-dimensional postcards.

Three-dimensional printing is a guaranteed way to catch people’s attention. Whether used for business purposes, or to send to friends and family with a short note, the cards will be noticeable. In a world where people are used to seeing the same old images on a regular basis, unique is always welcome.

Why Everyone Should Consider 3D Postcards

When it comes to marketing, unique ideas will catch people’s attention. A three-dimensional card is something that most potential clients will hold onto rather than just toss away after a quick glance. It is interesting enough to play with and stick on the fridge. This means the company’s message will be seen over and over again, which is the best marketing tactic.

Likewise, when a travel postcard is sent to a friend, it may be kept for a short time, but then tossed with the other garbage. If it is three-dimensional and moving, it is far more likely to be kept. People enjoy fiddling with them. Be sure, they will show them to their friends and keep them forever.

Combining postcards that people buy to send to friends and marketing cards will give the best results. Everyone wants to share cool printing with people they know. This can be an excellent method of increasing a brand with minimal effort. 3D printing is novel enough that it works very well as a marketing tactic.