//Direct Mail Marketing Remains Highly Effective

Direct Mail Marketing Remains Highly Effective

“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it.”

Robert Collier

Printed promotional mails are highly effective for marketingIn recent times, it has become fashionable for marketers to extol the benefits of email marketing. Of course, it costs less than traditional advertising methods. This has cast direct mail marketing in a rather negative light. However, the amount an advertising campaigncosts is less important than the return on investment it generates.

In practice, it is more common for emails to be unopened and unread. The thing is that most people inspect the contents of their mailboxes each day. Surprisingly, direct mails enjoys a delivery rate of close to ninety-five percent, because reputable mailing list owners update their lists regularly.

Interactive Product Marketing

It is true to say that digital marketers often find it an uphill struggle to promote their products in two dimensions. In contrast, direct mail offers a more interactive experience. For example, it is easy to send product samples, like perfume, through the post. This gives prospective customers exclusive access to hot new releases.

New technology enables marketers to take advantage of the physical characteristics of printed promotional materials, while harnessing the power of the web to better convey their advertising message. QR codes and PURLs (personal URLs) allow customers to access websites from printed documents via the use of mobile devices. So, there is no need to type in website addresses. This facilitates a seamless transition from physical to virtual.

Moreover, combining digital and print mediums paves the way for a far greater degree of performance monitoring. This allows more scope to understand what impact the different aspects of a campaign may have on the results achieved. Therefore, direct mail marketing is not dead. You just need to incorporate a mixture of print and digital methods into your marketing strategy for optimum effectiveness.